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logo_tiff - toronto international film festival 2010Here is a film that just conspires to appeal to those that ride on that whimsical frequency so difficult to describe to those not on it, and, as was the case with this author, dreadfully in danger of being overlooked for sharing its title with the 2006 period piece about magicians in Vienna directed by Neil Burger that starred Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti and Jessica Biel.

The Illusionist (L’Illusionniste) | Sylvain Chomet

Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2010
Language: English

The Illusionist is based on a script that was ultimately never produced by filmmaker Jacques Tati, auteur of one of my personal favorite film from the New Wave of French Cinema – Playtime. Here is the drilldown:

“From the director of The Triplets Of Belleville comes a film of grace and unique beauty. [Written by] Jacques Tati for his daughter, Chomet tells the story of a magician who was pushed aside by rock and roll, yet finds one young girl who appreciates his magic. The film stars Jean-Claude Donda and Eilidh Rankin.” ~ Cameron Bailey

The film only has two precious screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival, so if you are present, get thee to the ticket office pronto!

Sunday September 12 2:30:00 PM VISA SCREENING ROOM (ELGIN)
Sunday September 19 6:30:00 PM Tiff Bell LightBox 2

Watch the trailer for The Illusionist at the Official TIFF site now