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This will not be a comprehensive rundown of either the (finally) announced Apple iPad (the so-called Kindle killer) nor will it be an in-depth analysis of President Barack Obama’s 71 minute State of the Union Address.  I only wanted to underline the inordinate amount of discussion surrounding the latest Apple gizmo vs. that about the President’s speech.

Steve Jobs announces the iPad – and while many were amazed by the low price tag of $500 and marveled as to how they managed to squeeze in so much at this price point, the Wi Fi/BlueTooth/3G version will run approx nine hundred bucks and does not have expandable memory slots and does not have a fold out keyboard (the onscreen keyboard requires two hands – and large hands at that) and does not have a camera.  It also, quite significantly, does not have Flash and it can not multi-task.  It will be alright for bloggers, great for movie watchers and iTunes / iPhone app fans.  But ultimately, the public response has been “huh?”

Well, except for the Mac cultists.  But even some Mac cultists were tepid.

One thing it will (help) revolutionize is movable magazines – welcome to the era of HD moving magazine photos.

I’d still rather invest in a top of the line $400 netbook.

Meanwhile LG showed a bendable 19″ epaper the same day.

Oh yeah and The President of the United States of America gave his first State of the Union Address.  To touch briefly on this, the new building of a speed train from Los Angeles to San Francisco has already been approved and the implications – of new employment, efficient travel and clean energy that it will bring are endemic of the President’s wide-ranging strategies to reinvigorate the economy, industry and address the looming energy crisis. Not that you could hear him over the din made by the brilliantly named iPad.

President Barack Obama signs a bill to delay the conversion from analogue to digital television broadcast

President Obama signs a bill to delay the transition to digital TV - Associated Press

After some stonewalling from the Republicans in Senate, President Obama managed to push through and sign a bill delaying the transition from analog to digital signals for television broadcast in the United States in order to give people more time to prepare for the irrevocable transition.

Despite concerted efforts from the US Government and the National Association of Broadcasters to create awareness about the need to acquire one of the digital converters that will provide television feeds to the home, there was a still a shortfall that incited the push to move the date back four months.

In the last year, the internet has seen a sharp rise in popularity as the new go-to for television events and reruns of both film and television. This may have had something to do with the lack of response from the public to the impending changeover.  What is interesting, however, is that news of the transition was rarely seen online in terms of advertisement or otherwise.

Had the President not signed the bill, the switch over would have taken place next Tuesday, leaving anyone without the new digital converter without any television signal.

A similar transition is set to take place in Canada in 2011.

For information on how to get your own US government issued coupon for the new digital converter visit the official website at https://www.dtv2009.gov/