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I grew up on the Muppet Show – a racy, double entendre fest rife with creativity, edge and cunning that strongly informed and influenced my formative mind. Then Disney bought it and when I went to the Muppets show at EPCOT center in Florida I saw a cleaned up, white-washed version that had none of the snags or trickery that had provided me with skepticism, cultural awareness or linguistic sleight of hand with which I had grown up.

Now the monster Mouse Corp is set to take over Marvel Comics – and seeing as I worked as an actor in the very edgy and first Marvel Knights title Punisher: War Zone, I can only wonder what the PTA mop that is Disney will do to the comics company.

Disney to take over Marvel Comics

Disney is set to takeover Marvel Comics for a mere 4 Billion US dollars (also reported on CNN). Pocket change, for the Mouse House. I can hear the Comiconistas screaming already.

Another hoax? Methinks not.

Don’t get me wrong – I certainly patronize Disney’s marketplace, but sometimes diversity is the key to a beautiful and small world.¬† After all…

special thanks to Adam Fimio for the heads up on this.