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People love to tell Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com’s famously shiny-headed CEO, that he is wrong. Heck, on the eve of Y2K, Amazon had posted an astounding 3 billion dollar loss shortly after going public. And yet only three years later the Goliath with crazy visions was profitable once more.

Amazon has always been about innovation, and a bottom-up approach; building from the consumer’s perspective -> inward.

And now, as music, movies, books and businesses all go virtual, Amazon must continue innovate, or die. But with 33% of online sale marketshare, that isn’t bloody likely, at least not anytime soon. The best news is, everyone (except Bezos’ competitors, end even likely they) will benefit.

Did you know that Amazon is the digital host for such cloud-based companies as foursquare, Reddit.com and Netflix? Which is only a little disconcerting when Amazon’s cloud servers go down as they did in late April 2011. We’ll chalk it up to growing pains, a mere glitch in the Matrix, you know – just Neo and Agent Smith going at it again…

Check out the amazing free Slideshow below, furnished by consultants faberNovel via another very cool little company called Slideshare – “the world’s largest community for sharing presentations,” that demonstrates, in no shallow way, just how, against all odds, Amazon makes it happen, over and over again.