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Having had more time to explore the cornucopia of films (did I really just say that –>shoots the typist) I wanted to list some of films I a most interested in. This, of course, will likely change as buzz and exposure affect the climate – in a flash a certain film can become a lightning hot must-see (wtf is wrong with me and the cliches today?) whereas a ‘big-player” may suddenly be reduced to tepid interest. Hey, the point of all this is that no one has really seen any of it except maybe Piers Handling and the film selection committee.

At any rate:

Nina Davenport’s “Operation Filmmaker” looks to be that little gem of a film that covers seemingly innocuous material but ultimately speaks on a much larger level to great effect. The very way it came together as a film defies typical imagination. Sure bet for me.

Young People Fucking – I read it, because I auditioned for it, and then I fought my ass off to do it. The script was tight, and so current. The dialogue was wicked and merciless. The only other time I felt this excited about a script truly grasping the teenage zeitgeist was when I read for Brick. I wonder if the film will let the screenplay down the way Brick did. Gotta find out for myself. Two tickets please. I know Sarah Polley was attached when I read for it. Seems that changed.

The Joy Division twins. Well, I thought 24-Hour Party People pretty much covered it – in fact I loved that it touched on Ian Curtis so laterally – but I guess now we can learn the rest with not-one-but-two (here we go again with the cliches) Joy Div pics. The “non-fiction” pic is eponymous. The other is “Control” – a biopic. Peter Howell of the Toronto Star says the latter is flawlessly portrayed by the lead actor. I’m gonna go find out.

Peter Bogdanovich introduces
Bucking Broadway John Ford
I mean. Come on, does it get any better than this? A print of a John Ford film from his first year of directing that was thought lost until now and presented and contextualized by Bogdanovich. Sold.