August 2007

Ah delicious. I have returned to Toronto for my annual pilgrimage to the Mecca of movies. I have noticed some interesting changes this year – the 30-coupon book has been scrapped, there are 200 more films screening than there were last year (where there used to be roughly 310-325 this year there are over 500).

A lot of interesting music films covering Joy Division to The Who and everything in between. Got a tip the “Ex-Drummer” is a real over-the-top knockout.

I will likely see “Diary of the Dead” at Midnight Madness, since my friend worked on the production and had too many good tales to tell about wrangling zombies in a swimming pool for three days.

My good friend Manny Pereira did post on “American Venus” and so I am interested in seeing how they pulled the film together.

I typically do the fest in the most fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants way and stand in rush lines. I do this because a) I meet new people with similar tenacity and interests, and b) sometimes, when I don’t get into a film, I get into something I never would have considered. That is the real joy of the fest for me – exposure to unknown territory. I love knowing nothing about a film when I go in and I try to maintain this stance as much as is possible. I want to afford the production the ability to seduce me on its own damn terms.

I will update this as the days go on and look forward to sharing my thoughts about stories I can’t even yet imagine.

Have a great TIFF!

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